In-Person Instruction is conducted by Former MLB Player Josh Spence. 

After Josh finished his playing career he coached professionally with the San Diego Padres for 3 years and then at Brophy College Prepartory for 2 years. In the summer of '19 Josh coached in the Cape Cod Baseball League with eventual champions the Cotuit Kettleers.

Josh has worked with a large demographic of players both young and old, professional and amateur. Although I create different programs for players of all ages, the goals throughout my consultation remain the same:

  • What is the players Rhythm/Tempo and how do they sync it with the game.
  • Learn how to create 'ground-force' by kinetically link their body to maximize the potential power output.
  • The skill of communication is extremely important when teaching. I pride myself in translating the lexicon of my experiences at the Major League level  and the knowledge i gained into simpler terms for the player to understand.
  • No matter what fundamental is being taught, we will got through a number of drills to increase their knowledge of the skill and the intensity it needs to be performed at to create a talent.
  • At the end, we create a plan so outside of the game and team practice you can continue to build towards the player you want to be.


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